What trainings do you offer?

We currently offer six restorative practice trainings and recommend that they are taken in the following order
  1. Restorative Mindset
  2. Introduction to Restorative Practices
  3. Affective Communication
  4. Restorative Questions
  5. Restorative Conversations
  6. Community Building Circles

We have expanded our training repertoire to include interactive workshops on minimizing shame, cultivating authentic pride and coaching for restorative transformation.

Request a training here (training availability contingent on our capacity).

How long are your trainings?

Our Restorative Mindset and Introduction Restorative Practices trainings are a full day (6-8 hours). All other trainings are a half-day (3-4 hours).
Restorative Mindset and Introduction to Restorative Practices are prerequisites for all other training.

How often are trainings offered?

We offer three trainings a month.
We recommend that no more than two trainings are completed in a month. Shifting to a restorative mindset takes time and we encourage organizations to spend time on the ground applying initial tools before entering into the next phase of training.

Through what lenses do you facilitate your trainings?

We facilitate our trainings using lenses that are racially just and equitable, and we reference all relevant anti-oppressive frameworks.

What additional services do you offer?

In addition to restorative practices trainings, we offer consultation and full-scale implementation services.

Can you describe RRB’s training style?

We believe in the practical application of theory at RRB. In addition to examining proven practices at length, we work to apply those practices authentically. Our trainings are facilitated using actual restorative tools and scenarios. Participants can expect to role play, contribute meaningfully to dialogue circles, and discuss matters of personal and professional significance in order to see firsthand how our approaches work.

Do you only train in schools?

We train organizations that work with youth. Depending on our capacity, we facilitate workshops for parents and community members as well. Parents, community members, and others can inquire about availability by emailing Barbara Sherrod at barbara@restorativeresponse.org

Do you offer workshops for students?

While we do not train students presently, we have a student curriculum and supplemental materials in the works. Check back with us in Summer 2019!

Do you train individuals?

The majority of our trainings are for schools and organizations, by request. In general, these trainings are private, but we can occasionally accommodate individuals. Please inquire about availability by emailing Barbara Sherrod at barbara@restorativeresponse.org.

Do you offer training scholarships?

Yes. We offer scholarships to individuals and organizations with budgets under 100,000.00. Please find the scholarship application here. Training Scholarship Form