Restorative Response Baltimore

CCC is now Restorative Response Baltimore!

Our core processes, vision and mission will remain the same, as we build on our 20 year long foundation begun by Dr. Lauren Abramson and continue to make ourselves and our community-building services more readily available to the people of Baltimore and to our partners.

We appreciate your understanding as we phase in newly branded materials and communications, and we thank you for your support thus far.

About Us

Restorative Response Baltimore is a conflict resolution and community building organization that provides ways for people to collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and incidents ranging from bullying to auto theft to assault.

Our work at Restorative Response Baltimore has been recognized nationally and internationally for its use of restorative justice and conflict management strategies in a variety of settings, including criminal justice, education, neighborhoods, and the workplace.

What We Do


Community Conferencing

Dialogue Circles